Mailex Pty Ltd

1 Brandwood St
Royal Park SA 5014

Tel: 08 8341 0069
Fax: 08 8341 3045


To provide quality business services -
always recognising the paramount importance of the individual.

Mission Statement

Mailex comprises a team of committed, positive and successful people who strive to be balanced, honest and dedicated. We will work within our points of culture to ensure that all employees are both satisfied and productive. By developing the individual to his or her greatest potential, we will produce a coherent team intent on serving our customers.

Mailex is in the business of providing a quality mail processing service to our customers. Through our commitment to each process, from initial contact, through processing, to lodgement, we strive to ensure that our customers’ experience with Mailex is a positive one.

We endeavour to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with any member of the Mailex team will have a pleasurable experience, and will become an ambassador for Mailex. Our services will be of the highest quality, and the best value for money possible.

Our clients will want to deal with us because we understand the importance of the individual and his or her needs.

What differentiates Mailex from other mail processing providers is our regard for, and the high standards of our dealings with, the individual people who collectively make up the businesses of our customer base... “The individual is more important than the game.”